Disruptive, digitalized and environmentally friendly valves

Our valves are designed and developed to give our customers great value. Imagine a world where you rarely need to maintain or replace critical valves that are crucial to your business. That world now exists. We have developed a new and innovative valve that is fully digitalized and will call you and tell you which maintenance are needed for the next 6 months to a year, based on data form our sensors integrated in the valve. 

In stead of using conventional valves designed for 15 years operation and hope for the best the next 20 to 30 years, we have constructed this valve for 60 years operation. 

Outstanding quality and new design


SIL Valves is a design and development company that works to improve existing products aimed at the oil and gas industry, the shipping industry and the space industry.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by having outstanding quality and new design in products that we make from scratch, which gives our customers great advantages in terms of reduced costs, better product lifespan and less maintenance.

SIL Valves is located in Bergen, Norway in close proximity to several of the relevant industries we sell our product to. The company was established by Frode Karlsen, an experienced and professional businessman who has been involved in building up similar companies previously to great success.

SIL Valves are seeking professional investors to become a part of our journey.

We increase safety during production with unique design that becomes economically viable.

Our products can withstand the strongest forces in the toughest environments, and solves the most extensive problems.

- Frode Karlsen

CEO, SIL Valves AS

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