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SIL Valves is a design and development company that works to improve existing products aimed at the oil and gas industry, the shipping industry and the space industry.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by having outstanding quality and new design in products that we make from scratch, which gives our customers great advantages in terms of reduced costs, better product lifespan and less maintenance.


Environmental Responsibility

We care about the challenges that are currently associated with global warming and the environment. Our products are significantly more environmentally friendly than our competitors as we reduce maintenance and increase life expectancy, which means less use and disposal of valves.

Our vision of developing sustainable products extends throughout the organization.

About Us

SIL Valves is located in Bergen, Norway in close proximity to several of the relevant industries we sell our product to. The company was established by Frode Karlsen, an experienced and professional businessman who has been involved in building up similar companies previously to great success.

SIL Valves are seeking professional investors to become a part of our journey.


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A Letter from the CEO

Sil Valves AS is a company that develops designs for innovative and digitized valves.

We started this business to increase safety during the production of oil, and as a by-product, we have developed a valve that is considerably more environmentally friendly and with a four times longer lifetime than our competitors.

The way we have done this is by developing a unique design that we have patented globally, eliminating the risk of internal and external leakage during use.

The company is managed by Frode Karlsen, Jan Børge Sagmo and Kåre Voldsund. All business executives have long experience and are hand-picked for their professional abilities.

The current status is that we are searching for funding to develop a full-fledged prototype of the valve that we can put into production. Furthermore, we have applied for two new patents for a hips and a choke respectively.

We are now seeking NOK 4.2 million from investors who will make up 60% of the total cost of developing a prototype. Other 40% is covered by Innovation Norway.

Contact us if you have any questions about our business, and we will be happy to answer you.

Frode Karlsen

CEO – Frode Karlsen

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