Imagine a valve that has higher life span and need very little maintenance. Now imagine using it across all systems & all industries, We can make that Impact.


We are witnessing advent of great innovations in Tech in many industries from electric to self driven cars to robotics, but we are not seeing much innovation in Valve technology. We are here to challenge all that. We are planning to increase the lifespan of valve by 15 - 25 years and gearing up for achieving minimum SIL 3 level of certification. Come join us and be part of our journey. We are looking for investors who can help our vision become reality.

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HMI Controled Valves

Our valves can be used in oil and gas, and other Industries where valves need a level of high safety and a strength to be operational for more then 15 year.  The valves will be operated by use of a controlled system with a integrated HMI Control System.



All photography provided by Frode Karlsen



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